College Rankings 2012

College Rankings 2012

Are you looking for accurate college rankings 2012? Out of the hundreds and thousands of colleges and universities in the United States, it is definitely a challenge for any student or parent to make a choice. As much as possible, you want to be enrolled in a reputable institution that provides excellent, top of the notch education.

college rankings 2012College is a phase in life wherein one goes through so much change. Not like in high school, college teaches you the gist of adult life. It is when you start planning for your future and be completely independent from your parents. It is when you start flapping those wings and fly out of your home to live your life. It is when you start making something out of yourself.

This is perhaps the reason why most parents are very meticulous when it comes to choosing among colleges and universities. Although they allow their children to pick which school they want to attend, parents still have a say on where they want them to enroll.

College Rankings 2012: How to find the best one?

Unlike in the past, it is easier to find the best college or university today. You can simply go online and type in college rankings 2012. From there, you can find so many references to the best colleges and universities in United States or in other continents. You can even find legitimate reviews about these schools, which you can refer to before you actually enroll in them. But of course, the decision is still difficult to make because of the countless selections you have.

The first step you have to take in order to find the best school is to decide on which course you want to take. Every college has its specialty. If you are going to take hotel and restaurant management, go for the college that specializes in that.

Next thing to consider in choosing the best school is location. You want a college that is situated in a community that is not too far from home. You don’t want to be too attached to your house neither do you want to be too far from it.

Next is tuition. We can’t deny the fact that this is probably the most important factor to consider in finding a college / university to study in. Make sure you select a school that is within your family income. There are a lot of good schools that are not as high paying as the others but provide excellent education as well.

Last but not the least, you must do your homework and conduct research on that school’s reputation. How many awards did the school get? How many students are admitted every year? Is the school accredited by the education department? You must consider all of these things before enrolling yourself.

Looking into these college rankings 2012 lists can really be a tough challenge not just for students but also for parents. It is best if you consider all of these factors first before you sign up for an application.

June 23, 2012 College Rankings 2012

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So many Subaru’s so little time! I have owned three Subaru vehicles over the years and would think that someday I will own at least one or two more. These cars were always very innovative in the little things that not everyone would even notice or appreciate, for example to use free space wisely some of their models kept a full size spare tire under the hood on top of the pancake flat four cylinder engine. The XT Coupe hood was far too low for that to work. The following is my personal favorites list of the ten best Subaru cars of all time.

Number one) Where did it really begin for Subaru? Although Subaru had been making cars before this I feel that the 1966 Subaru 1000, in my humble opinion, was the most significant car that Fuji Heavy Industries ever produced. This car was advertised to be the first front wheel drive car to be mass produced and was also the first production Subaru to use the “Boxer” style flat four cylinder water cooled engine. In their efforts to build a front engine front wheel drive car they had to get the power to the front wheels using shafts and the vibration created when using regular universal style joints was a very big problem for them to work out. Working with Japanese bearing manufacturer NTN they created the first double offset joint to be used in any Subaru. Suspension used torsion bars and coil springs together which is fairly common now but was unique back then. The 1000 had no heater core and robbed heat for the passengers from the radiator.

An interesting fact is there was another unique front wheel drive car made in 1966 and it was the Oldsmobile Toronado. This car was only about twice the size of the Subaru and easily three times the cost.

Number two) 1977 Original version of the Subaru Brat was one car that I always wanted for a toy and so far I have not been able to get one. These were built from 1977 to 1987 and the generation 1 brats are the models that I would prefer to own. These still had the twin rear facing plastic seats in the bed right behind the cab. Once I moved on and started driving bigger jeeps the brat was already going out of production. I laugh every time I see Joy driving hers on the television show My Name is Earl. I still see them on the road now and again so there is still a chance that someday I will have one. Apparently they came up with a turbo version that was really fast so maybe that is the model I will search for. BRAT stands for Bi-Drive Recreational All-Terrain Transporter. There is a popular story retold by Subaru enthusiasts where Ronald Reagan once owned a Red 1978 Brat and used it on his ranch in Santa Barbara California.

Number three) 1979 DL Five Door 4WD wagon. In Mocha brown metal flake this car was strangely attractive even though it was not flashy or classy however it simply worked. The 4 cylinder wagon I owned ran like a champ! Over the years that I drove it I replaced the clutch. I hoisted the engine out myself with a picker and the parts guy gave me the wrong friction disk. It fit but the center hole where the transmission shaft goes was slightly too big and I had to take it back for the right one. Of course the car was fully assembled before I figured out the error. I learned a valuable lesson that day about making sure to have the old part with me whenever I go to the parts store. I remember the ease of use on the 4 wheel drive system as compared to the other 4 wheel drive systems I have owned. The Subaru used what is called a “viscous coupling” which is two sets of non contacting friction plates encased in a sealed chamber which is filled with silicone based oil that allows the interstitial plates to spin freely with the fluid in close proximity between these plates. If the disks spin at a different rate then a shear effect is created which causes the silicone fluid to heat up and in turn becomes thicker so the plates will lock together with the heavy fluid dragging the slower plates along with the faster moving ones. So there is no mechanical contact between the metal disks only friction from the oil between them. This allows the plates to spin together without the need for a clutch disk.

Number Four) 1983 GL three door hatchback was a simple little inexpensive car that was my first ever “new car” and it ran really quite well. The flashy orange paint was really bright and you could easily spot this car in the mall parking lot which was where it spent a lot of it’s free time since my first wife loved going to the mentor mall for some odd reason. The back seats were cramped but with it folded down there was a lot of storage room. We sold it for more than enough to make a decent down payment on the XT Coupe. One thing I did like was how easy it was to service this car. The front brakes were the parking brake so you had to screw the pistons back into the caliper to make room for the new brake pads but once it figured that out it was smooth sailing. This was one of the only cars I have worked on where you only had to pull out the bottom bolt of the brake caliper and the thing rotated up and the pads popped out. The whole job took about 20 minutes.

Number Five) 1985 XT Coupe 1.8 liter DOHC 4cylinder engine that put out about 97 hp. This thing was a very space age looking and sporty machine with a wedge body that attained a 0.29 drag coefficient in wind tunnel testing. This was a very cool car but like many other Subaru models over the years it lacked power. If I had been patient and could have waited until 1986 I may have opted for the XT6 which used a pancake six cylinder engine. This was a much faster XT Coupe than mine. The XT Coupe was offered in a more expensive turbocharged version and I can only imagine the acceleration of that little beast! The driver side cam shaft broke on ours while my wife was driving it. I fixed it myself and had a really hard time getting the timing marks to line up correctly. The markings were very hard to line up with the engine still in the car since there was very little room to work under such a low slung vehicle.

Number Six) 1987 Original Subaru Justy which was built by Subaru from 1984 to 1994 however the Justy was only sold in the US from 1987 to 1994. This was a small car with a 1.0 or 1.2 liter three cylinder engine. From 1988 on they offered it in a 4 wheel drive version. Finally became fuel injected in 1992 and has the distinction of being the last car model sold in America with a carburetor! It was one of the first production cars to use a CVT (continuously variable transmission) but could be had with a manual transmission as well. Talk about great fuel economy! These cars were touted to get up to 40 mpg by some drivers but in reality I only saw people getting 34-35 on the highway. There are some cars built in this size and class now that are still trying to meet these awesome fuel mileage values. Think about it they were getting over 30 mpg with a carburetor and it was over 25 years ago! Wonder why we can’t get better mileage with newer technologies like computer controlled everything and fuel injection? I wonder if the big oil companies really have any power over us? The world may never know.

Number seven) 1988 RX Turbo 4WD was a neat concept as it was a simple looking little sedan which was exceptionally fast and with 4WD it handled all kinds of tricky road conditions with ease. This was the beginning of something big that evolved into one of the premier off road racing machines of all time. These things were awesome on the street since there was no real way to know that it was capable of smoking the tires at a stop light. Once the turbo kicks in this little car becomes a rocket! Fun to drive is just the tip of this iceberg!

Number eight) 1996 Subaru SVX with a 3.3 horizontally opposed 6 cylinder engine this was the largest engine Subaru ever put into a car until 2008 when a 3.6 boxer engine was put into the Subaru Tribeca. This SVX was a luxury sport coupe with its roots going back to their XT Sport Coupe. The other really distinctive feature was the window in a window glass design. These were intended for aerodynamics but gave the car a really space age look. This was also one of the heaviest cars Subaru has built. The SVX was intended to be a Luxury Sport Coupe and it delivered this in spades. They launched it at a really difficult time with the poor economy and all so it was unfortunately a really short lived run for this model.

Number Nine) 2002 Impreza WRX STi sedan is one of those cars that you see younger car enthusiasts buzzing around town in with the radio bumping and the turbo thumping. With a turbocharged boxer engine and 4WD I can’t imagine not having fun in this car! The model I like the most has this amazing blue paint job and gold wheels. WRX means World Rally Cross and STi means Subaru Technica Internacional. What this car is truly good at is off road rally racing. This factory model can accelerate zero to 62 mph in 5.2 seconds! With a top speed of 148 mph that is quite a little handful of toned muscle. If you have ever seen rally racing on television or even better live and in person odds are you have seen some form of this Subaru or a similar model leading the pack.

Number Ten) 2005 Outback XT is the third generation outback wagon and has a turbocharged 2.5 liter horizontally opposed 4 cylinder engine that produces 243 hp. This is a great line of sport utility vehicles with a 4 wheel drive lineage that can be traced back further than almost any other SUV model. The Outback has a great track record for reliability and this was one of the roomiest wagons that Subaru has ever built to date.

There are a number of other Subaru’s which are worthy of a list like this but these are the ones that I am both fond of and familiar with. My knowledge of this line of automobiles comes from personal experience. If you have any thoughts or comments please feel free to put fingers to keyboard and let them do the walking and the talking!

Thanks for reading my articles here on Associated Content.

Hovercraft For Sale

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Online Concealed Carry Course

Learn more about the Online Concealed Carry Course here.

Airsoft, the fun outdoor (and occasionally indoor) game of play-combat, is fast growing in popularity. Originally invented in Asia, it has since spread across much of the globe with fan bases found primarily in Europe and North America. Events with several hundred people are not uncommon, occasionally rivaling even the largest paintball “tournaments.” It is a very fun game, with all kinds of different variations but the number one priority of any airsoft event must always be safety. Like any sport or intense extreme activity, airsoft can be a dangerous pastime if safety is ignored. This is not a comprehensive guide to all aspects of airsoft safety, but rather an overview of the major areas of concern for airsoft players.

Eye Protection

Eye protection is perhaps the single most important safety requirement. Like paintball, flying airsoft bbs are very dangerous to the face, especially the eyes. Proper eye protection must always be a requirement, even if players are just observing game as photographers or referees. Likewise, players on the field must never remove their goggles, even if they become “fogged” or “clouded”. Too often, beginner players will attempt to do so during the heat of the game, resulting in unfortunate (and avoidable) injuries.

Accidental discharges/accidental shootings

It’s important to have areas clearly designated as safe zones where no shooting of airsoft guns is allowed. That applies to everyone, not just people playing the game-people reloading and regrouping are not allowed to shoot here either. This is to prevent people getting hit in safe areas, where eye protection may or may not be required, depending on the event.

Safety Kill Rules

Some gamers like to play with “safety kill” rules. Basically, if someone sneaks up on an opposing player and gets within a dangerously close range (i.e. High fps gun that could gun injuries at too close a range), they’ll shout “Safety kill” (without actually shooting) and the opponent has to go out, without getting hit. Check with event organizers about this. This thing can be especially important for new players or in very close areas, like cqb events.


Never, never, never let players bring “real steel” firearms and weapons to the game. Real weapons have no place at an airsoft event, this should be obvious, but people need to reminded of this. No exceptions.

Law enforcement

It’s always important to discuss upcoming airsoft events with local law enforcement and to maintain ad good relationship with them. Some communities have laws against airsoft and more often than not people will call the authorities if players play in local, urban areas. Every event should be in safe, legal areas and cleared with the police ahead of time to prevent tragedies.

Online Concealed Carry Course


Iphone 6 Release Date

Know the latest update about the Iphone 6 Release Date only here.

The iPhone is Apple Inc.’s blockbuster phone gadget released last month to accolades, sell-out performances in AT&T and Apple Stores, and crowds of eager customers who were willing to wait in line for over two days. An Internet-enabled quad-band GSM EDGE-supported phone, the iPhone by Apple can do so many different things that it has literally wowed critics: e-mail, Wi-Fi Internet, music (it has a built in iPod), “real” web browsing using the Safari Internet browser, and e-mail/text-messaging are just some of the features that have reviewers raving.

Unfortunately, the iPhone is priced far above the budget of many of the people who want this technology. Starting at $499 for a 4 gigabyte iPhone, or $599 for an 8 gigabyte iPhone, Apple Inc.’s handheld-computer (which is, really, what it is) is not cheap. Combined with a required contract with AT&T (formerly known as Cingular), you will end up paying over $3000 over a two-year time period. Most people cannot financially afford such a luxury.

But never fear! If you crave the Apple iPhone but don’t have the cash to buy it right now, you’ll be happy to about a cheaper alternative to the iPhone.

It’s not by Sony. It’s not by Dell. It’s not by Microsoft.

It’s by Apple.

That’s right, Apple is rumored to be preparing for the launch of a cheaper, smaller iPhone.

According to anonymous industry insiders and a review of patents filed with the U.S. government by Apple, the computer designer has a second iPhone model that it will release toward the end of this year. It will look like an iPod Nano, but it will be oh-so-much-better than the MP3 player.

Is it true?

Financial analysts from financial giant JPMorgan Chase in Taiwan and New York assert that yes – it is true and the computer manufacturer from California is about to release a cheaper iPhone with a touchscreen click-wheel just like the iPod, as well as other new features. The touch sensitive click-wheel will sense what number you are dialing by the areas on its surface that you touch. This idea is revolutionary in the same way that the original iPhoen’s virtual touchpad causes technological waves in the cell phone industry.

While this will still be an iPhone, this cheaper iPhone model will not have e-mail and Internet capabilities, which will still be available only on the more expensive iPhone. Apple probably designed the new cell phone this way to keep the cheaper model from cannibalizing sales of its more expensive counterpart. Think iPod Nano with the ability to make phone calls. Nothing too fancy, but definitely cooler than any other cheap MP3 player and cell phone combination currently offered by Motorola and other cell phone companies.

How much the new iPhone “Nano” will cost is still unknown, although it will definitely be cheaper than the current iPhone. It will also be smaller, although you’ll be trading cheap prices and smaller form for less computer-like capabilities. The regular iPhone is a literal computer in your pocket. The new iPhone will be an iPod that’s able to call your mom.

Whether the new iPhone will be successful is yet to be seen. If people react like they did when the more expensive iPhone was launched, Apple will sell out of the new and cheaper iPhone faster than you can say “sucks to be Microsoft!” No word yet on whether that PC nemesis of Apple will be launching its own cell phone line. Perhaps a Microsoft Zune that can make phone calls? You can hear the negative reviews already rolling in.

Iphone 6 Release Date


Makerbot Replicator 2

Wanna learn more about the Makerbot Replicator 2? Click here to find out more.

If you want some animated characters for your website, or fancy training up for a job at Pixar, you need some 3D modeling software. Many packages are hideously complex and expensive, but DAZ Studio enables novices to produce interesting results in minutes.

After installing the software from the disc, click the button to register online. Your browser opens at the DAZ website, where you must create an account to receive your free registration code via email For 30 days, you’ll have free use of the features in DAZ Studio Advanced, after which time the software reverts back to the Free version.

1) Daz Studio 3D’s interface is split into three tabs: Load, Pose/Animate and Render. Click the Load tab and then select the Content tab beneath it. Click the triangle to the right of this tab and select View Folders As Tree. We find this easier to navigate than the default view. Use this tree view to find the folder called Content, Figures, DAZ People and double-click Victoria 4.2 QuickStart, which will appear below A character should appear in the central panel. Load the hair from the GlamourHair folder and the clothes located in ClassicCasualV4.

2) Browse to the folder called Content, Poses, DAZ’s Victoria 4, General Poses and double-click one of these presets. These put the character into a more natural-looking pose. You’ll find another set of presets at Studio 3, People, Victoria 4, Poses, Modern Day Poses. You’re not limited to presets, though. Select the Active Pose Tool from the top row of icons (it has a bone icon) and drag an arm or a leg in the main panel. You’ll find that the character can be manipulated like a rag doll.

Switch to the Rotate Tool to twist the joints in three axes. Alternatively, click the Pose/Animate tab and click the PowerPose tab on the right. Use the green dots to manipulate parts of the body, noting that right-clicking accesses alternate axes of movement.

3) To get stuck into some deep-level modeling, click on the character’s head to select it, click the Parameters tab on the right and locate Morphs Expressions, Base. You should find over SC parameters for creating facial expressions. In the main preview panel, click on the second-from-bottom button in the toolbox to zoom into the selected area (the head) and try out these controls. Click the button below to zoom out again when you’re done.

4) As well as creating 3D images, DAZ 3D can produce animations. You should save your project at this point, though, because things can easily go wrong at this next stage. Click the Pose/Animate tab and locate the animate Lite panel at the bottom-right of the screen. Hover over the blue buttons to see these preset animations in action, and double-click them to string a sequence of animations together.

If you’re feeling ambitious, you could try creating your own animations from scratch. First, right-click each animation on the mini timeline to delete it, or reopen the saved project. Put the model into a static pose and click inside the grid under the Puppeteer tab on the right. Each dot in the grid represents a pose. Repeat this process to create three or more poses. Switch the Puppeteer to Preview mode and drag the mouse around the grid. The software morphs between the poses you created, producing natural-looking animations.

To record an animation, open the Timeline tab at the bottom and click the arrow on the right to access Advanced View. Switch to Record mode in the Puppeteer tab and drag the mouse to record the movements.

5) Click the Render tab and Locate the `Create a new Spotlight’ button. The button names are revealed as you roll over them. Click Accept to create the spotlight, its default location will plunge the model into darkness, so click the Parameters tab on the right, scroll down to Point At, click None, scroll up to Victoria… and click Accept. This up-lighting may look too dramatic, so move the spotlight’s position with the X, Y and 2 Transformation sliders under the Parameters tab. Add more lights as you see fit.

6) Click the Render tab on the right and change the Timeline: settings to Make Movie. Under Dimensions, choose an aspect ratio; Widescreen (16:9) is a good option. Return to the Pose / Animate tab and watch your animation, Adjust the camera position using the controls at the top-left of the preview panel, and animate the camera position by adjusting as you play back. Return to the Render tab and type Ctrl-R to render the animation. Name the file and choose a Location on your hard disk. When asked, choose Cinepak Codec as the compression type, adjust the quality slider to 100 and click OK.

Makerbot Replicator 2


Cars That Run On Water

If you want to learn more about running your car on water, you can visit How to Run Your Car on Water PDF for more information.


Do gas prices have you in a financial crunch? Well, here are some tips on how you can save on your gas.

For Automobiles:

1. Walk whenever you can.
2. Don’t go on unnecessary trips
3. Car pool
4. Get regular tune ups, spark plugs and plug wires.
5. If you have a gas guzzling car, invest in a more economical one.
6.Plan your route, so you save miles.
7. Don’t take off fast.
8. Don’t leave your car running while waiting at train crossings
9. Don’t warm your car up to leave it running.
10. Go earlier to avoid early morning traffic jams.
11. Commute later when traffic is less congested.
12. Use your Air conditioner as little as possible.
13. Do on line banking
14. Have your pay checks direct deposited.
15.Mail your letters from home.
16. Mail your bills from home.
17. Have your packages picked up for delivery.
18. Keep your car in the garage.
19. Get an electric oil stick to keep your oil warm in the winter
20. Keep your tires evenly inflated.
21. Make sure your car battery is in good shape, fully charged
22. Make sure your battery terminals are clean and not corroded.
23. Make sure you use the right weight of oil in the winter time.
24. Take public transportation whenever possible.
25. Take a cab.
26. Order in
27. Use on line shopping services.
28. Don’t keep driving around in a parking lot to find a closer spot.
29. If you have a truck with a cap on it, take it off.
30. Ride a bicycle.
31. Ride an electric scooter.
32. Invest in an electric car.
33. Plan your shopping list to include everything to make only one trip.
34. Don’t chase after sales.
35. Don’t chase after lower gas prices.
36. Try to keep your car full as much as possible.
37. Get your videos from on line.
38. Plan all doctor appointments to include all family members the same day, time and place.
39. Use a gas booster on fill ups.
40. Set your car on cruise when on the highway.
41. Wash your own car at home if possible.
42. Do your own oil change and tunes ups.
43. Work from home if possible.
44. Go inside a restaurant instead of the drive through.
45. Go inside the bank instead of the drive through.
46. Go inside the pharmacy instead of the drive through.
47. Don’t be a lead foot. Keep your foot out of the accelerator.
48. Always try to know exactly where you are going (Use a mapping program to map out your trip).
49. Invest in a mapping device for your vehicle.
50. Don’t be a chauffeur to everyone else.
51. Don’t travel in high winds.
52. Don’t travel in heavy snowstorms.

Gas saving tips for your home:

1. Insulate, insulate and more insulation.
2. Storm windows and storm doors.
3. Keep the heat at around 68 degrees in the winter months.
4. Make sure your filters are changed at least once a year.
5. Don’t turn up the heat because you are cold, throw on a sweater instead.
6. Make use of solar energy whenever possible.
7. Use weather stripping around doors and windows.
8. If you have a gas hot water heater, take showers instead of baths.
9. Do cold water washes instead of hot or even warm water.
10. If you have a gas dryer, hang your clothes up to dry as much as possible.
11. Use energy efficient appliances.
12. Use the lower temperature setting on your gas hot water heater.
13. Don’t allow family members to hold doors open.
14. Invest in a wood burner and install it safely.
15. If you have a fireplace, use it when possible.
16. Make sure your fireplace is closed off when not in use, so heat won’t escape.
17. Shop for the best gas prices through different companies.
18. Check to see if there are some gas rebate programs that offer you rebates for using energy saving tips.
19. Always turn your gas oven off when baking is done.
20. Try to keep your oven door closed during baking as much as possible to maintain the heat inside.
21. Make sure all pilots and tubing on the stove tops are clean to run efficiently.
22. When hand washing dishes, don’t let the water run to rinse the dishes, instead, accumulate a pile and then rinse off.
23. Close off vents in unused bedrooms or spaces.
24. Close all doors of vacant rooms whenever you can.
25. Use heavy window curtains in the winter months and close them at night and open them in the day.
26. Use your oven timer or cook time to turn oven off when your bakings is done.
27. Shower with your mate.
28. Bathe small children together to save the water or
29. Save the same water for the next child to use.
30. Use your microwave for baked potatoes, 10 minutes vs 1 hour of oven usage.
31. The same is true for any foods that you can microwave instead of oven bake.
32. Make sure your thermostat is calibrated.
33. Hand clean your oven instead of using the oven dial to clean it.
34. When showering, wet yourself down, turn off the water, lather yourself and do the shampoo in your hair and then turn water on and rinse off.
35. Have the pilot on your gas hot water heater checked to make sure it is clean and working properly.
36. Shower every other day if you can!
37. Make sure your heat and cold air return vents are open and clean and not covered up by furniture, etc.
38. Make sure your attic windows are in good shape and sealed and closed.
39. Move around more in your home to keep your circulation going and you will become less cold.
40. Wear slippers or socks to keep your feet warm.
41. You may even want to wear a hooded robe or a cap to keep your body heat in.
42. Wear thermal pajamas or underwear.
43. keep your bathroom vent half closed.
44. Close off your kitchen vents.
45. Make sure heat is turned down lower when away from home.
46. Cook out on the grill in all seasons if you can.
47. Cook as many things inside the oven at once.
48. If you have to dry your clothes in the gas dryer, don’t put too many hard to dry items in at once.
49. There is nothing like good old body heat, whenever possible, gather in one room and make use of warming up to each other.

Well, I hope that this will help you to save some money. I think if you can even use ten of these tips, you will see some savings!


car runs on water

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Ambit Energy Review

If you want to learn more about solar energy, you can visit Sky 4 Energy Reviews for more information.


The US has begun to seriously enter the age of renewable energy sources.

FP&L a subsidiary of FPL Group, Inc (FPL) is building a total of 110 megawatts of solar power plants at three sites in Florida after receiving approval from the Florida Public Service Commission. The contracts for construction have been given to SunPower (SWPR) of San Jose, California.

A 10 megawatts photovoltaic cell plant will be under construction on the Space Coast at the Kennedy Space Center in Brevard County in 2009 and is scheduled for completion in 2010. The 25 megawatt photovoltaic cell plant in DeSoto County will also be built in 2009 and is scheduled for completion in 2009.

The largest plant is a 75 megawatt hybrid solar/natural gas/oil plant in Martin County, Florida which is about 100 miles north of Miami. Ground for this plant was broken on December 2nd, 2008 according to a company press release. This plant will use less fossil fuel when the sun is shinning. Expected to be completed and on line by 2010, FP&L saved miliions of dollars on the cost of steam turbines, cooling towers and transmission lines by attaching the new solar plant to the existing natural gas plant at that site. The $476 million plant situated on 500 acres in Indiantown Florida uses 180,000 mirrors in its process to generate enough power for 11,000 homes.

Using energy from the sun FP&L hopes to save 41 billion cubic feet of natural gas and more than 600,000 barrels of oil over the 30 year life of the plant.

The Martin County plant will be the first hybrid solar-thermal power plant in the world. Together with the photovoltaic plants they will elimate 3.5 tons of greenhouse gases over their lifetimes.

These plants will make FP&L the second largest solar energy supplier in the country. To help underwrite the cost, FP&L received permission to charge customers .31 per month for 25 years to recoup $688 million of the construction costs.

Currently the primary energy producing plants in the Sunshine State are natural gas and nuclear power. Wind power is not at this time a realistic option although there is still a future for biomass as a power source in Florida. Hydroelectric power is not without its share of pollution. Like wind farms, hydroelectric plants can only be built in certain areas of the country; Florida is not one of those areas.

In terms of cost per kwh, natural gas is still the least expensive source, followed by nuclear, wind and solar. Biomass could turn out to be the most competitive option.

FPL Group, Inc operates the worlds largest solar plant in California’s Mojave Desert. FPL Group, Inc is also the world’s largest generator of wind power.


FP&L Group solar press release 12/02/2008

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Red, Green and Blue 7/17/2008


ambit energy reviews

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Forex Candlesticks Made Easy PDF

If you want to learn more about forex pdf, you can visit Forex Candlesticks Made Easy PDF for more information.


For those that are looking for an exciting way to invest – Forex definitely delivers. Forex stands for foreign exchange and it is the world’s largest financial market.

Forex is quite different from investing in the NYSE or NASDAQ because Forex takes place at dozens of locations all over the world. In fact, most traders are day traders that trade from home. While this form of investing can be risky, it can be extremely profitable. Forex trading occurs 24 hours per day (except on weekends). One of the things that make Forex unique is that you aren’t buying a currency or selling a currency, you are actually trading one currency for another.

While Forex seems very easy at first, it can be extremely complicated and risky. There are tons of tools online that can help you climb the steep learning curve and for those that do, it is possible to make a very, very good living.

Forex is an interesting investment for some because of the amount of leverage one can have. Some Forex trading brokerages allow their member accounts to leverage the amount of currencies they purchase by 10, 25, 50 times or more. This means with an initial investment of $1K, you can theoretically control over 50K of currencies in some situations. While this can lead to large profits, it can also lead to financial ruin if you make the wrong decision on a trade. One of the ways that many investors learn to trade Forex without risk is to use the systems simulation platform. Many Forex brokerages have a simulation platform that is identical to the normal platform and uses current, real world data. This way, if you are just starting out and make a mistake on the simulation, it won’t cost you a dime.

Forex can be extremely fast paced. While many investors are those that are day traders looking to make a quick buck each day, others trade for the long term, looking for long term trends that are much less riskier and can return much more than a day trade. Whatever your strategy, Forex can be an excellent way to invest. It should be noted that almost anyone can trade from their computer and with a limited amount of investment, however before you trade, get to know the system you trade on and the dynamics of the foreign currency market.


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Landscaping Ideas

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Every spring as the days get warmer, there’s a chromosome somewhere in us that pings “Must… buy…stuff…!” This year, be sure to check out these local gardening centers and bring all your great landscaping ideas to life:

Suncliff Greenhouses & Nursery Inc 1611 East 10th Street, Rolla, MO 6540 Phone: (573) 364-7700 Open Monday – Saturday 8am – 5pm
Specialty: Landscape design & irrigation systems.
Products and Services: Shrubs, flowers, mulch, trees, and other landscaping items such as edging, timbers, dirt, potting soil, yard ornaments, hanging plants, and fountains. Locally owned and operated.

Suncliff is conveniently located off 10th street in Rolla, MO. They provide excellent landscape design and landscaping services to the Rolla area. Their prices are reasonable and in line with the big box stores. Their staff is friendly and helpful and their products are arranged so that it’s fun and enjoyable to browse their selection of gardening items. The owner, Gary, is personable and fair.

Sands Farm & Home 107 East 6th Street, Rolla, MO 65401 Phone: (573) 364-5607 Open Monday – Friday 8am – 5:30pm, Saturday 8am – 2pm
Specialty: Landscape stone.
Products and services: Landscape design, landscaping, hanging plants, annuals, perinneals, vegetables, vegetable garden accessory items, yard ornaments, mulch, dirt, landscape edging and timbers. Locally owned and operated.

Sands Farm & Home is located near the railroad tracks and the High School in Rolla, MO. Their location is convenient, but small. They have a fantastic selection of landscape rock and their small selection of plants and flowers are typically in excellent condition.

Stanley’s Garden Center 1045 North Jefferson Street, St James, MO ‎ 65559 Phone: (573) 265-3166 Open Monday – Saturday 8am – 6pm, Sunday 1pm – 6pm
Specialty: Gardening vegetables
Products and Services: Full service garden center offering landscaping and landscape design, nursery stock, landscape stone, seed, annuals, vegetable plants, perennials, roses, decorative stone and wood mulch, water garden supplies, as well as Ferti-Lome chemicals and fertilizers. Locally owned and operated.

In business since 1974, Stanley’s Garden Center is a favorite of many Mid-Missourians. Stanley and his team are known as the local gardening experts and Stanley hosts a weekly radio show entitled the “Green Thumber” on 1490 KTTR, where listeners call in with their perplexing gardening questions and Stanley is always friendly, helpful, and courteous.

Lowe’s Home Improvement 2300 North Bishop Avenue, Rolla, MO 65401 Phone: (573) 364-4424
Hours: Monday – Saturday 7-9, Sun 8-8
Specialty: Wide variety of inexpensive products.
Products: Shrubs, trees, fencing, edging, flowers, plants, water features, hanging plants, annuals, perennials, roses, mulch, landscape stone, landscape timbers, yard ornaments, patio furniture and accessories, plant containers, gardening tools and supplies, vegetable plants, seed and fertilizer.

Lowes in Rolla, MO has an excellent staff of community citizens who know and love their area of expertise. In the gardening center, you will find a huge selection of all things outdoor – from practical to whimsical and just downright pretty. Lowe’s prices are rarely beaten, but they don’t offer the service that many of the locally owned garden centers do, so you’ll be on your own for the design and installation. On the flip side, Lowe’s offers many excellent books and magazines for the gardening “do it yourselfer” in all of us.

Wal-Mart 500 South Bishop Avenue, Rolla, MO 65401 Phone: (573) 341-9145
Hours: Open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week except Christmas.
Specialty: Wide variety of inexpensive products.
Products: Flowers, plants, mulch, hanging plants, yard ornaments, yard furniture and accessories, fertilizer, vegetable plants, and plant containers.

For the occasional houseplant or small area, Wal-mart is the place to go. You can pick up a pretty hanging plant to celebrate the season or a nice flower for your desk at work all while grabbing a carton of milk and some new socks. The gardening center stocks all sorts of commonly needed items like hoses, sprinkler heads, potting soil, watering cans, and fertilizer. The Wal-mart garden center staff is typically knowledgeable and helpful, but not always easy to find.


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Shure SE425

If you want to learn more about headphones, you can visit SE215 Review for more information.


The AKG K340 headphones are part of a growing line of portable music products by AKG, a company that has been on top of the competition in the audio industry for over six decades. At $120, the AKG K340 headphones offer terrific sound quality for an affordable price, yet we might expect more from AKG in regards to comfort and sturdiness. For that reason, we’d have to recommend the Klipsch Image S4 over the AKG K340. In our opinion, the only point the AKG’s have over the Klipsch’s is their inline volume control.

The earpieces of the AKG K340 are rather small as a whole, which only draws attention to the size of the apertures. The greatest source of discomfort is the pressure they exert on the inside of the ear. This is especially true for smaller ears, which none of the three silicone ear tips seem to fit. Plus, the cables are extremely thin. We don’t expect them to withstand everyday use very long. It isn’t just the cables, though. Even the earpiece itself is an economical plastic. The AKG K340 headphones hardly seem worth $120 when you begin to compare their overall cheap appearance with some other headphones. They’re not even classy. Some companies will override function for looks, but the AKG K340 headphones don’t score in either capacity, they’re cheap and simple.

The AKG K340 headphones do have a few positive components- an inline volume slider, a hard-sided carrying case that will probably outlast its contents, and a reinforced housing around the gold-plated straight plug. Although the AKG K340 headphones look pretty cheap, they probably won’t break, even if the sound quality diminishes. The cord has plenty of length, with a measure of 40 inches, and every bit of it will rub against your body and create interference- not a good thing during a workout.

As you can see, we weren’t completely sold by the AKG K340 headphones. The audio is clear and open with plenty of thump in the bass, if you can get a good ear seal. However, that thumpy bass sometimes gets somewhat muddy and a bit too loud for our tastes when we play rock, although we were more pleased with the results for pop, hip-hop and electronica. We would’ve expected a longstanding company like AKG to have done better, so we have to recommend the Klipsch Image S4 headphones over the AKG K340 headphones.

The Contributor has no connection to nor was paid by the brand or product described in this content.


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Star Wars Millennium Falcon

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Star Wars movies have inspired novels, comic books and an assortment of games. Star Wars fans can get their part in on the action as they play some of the many Star Wars board games that have been created over the years. In this article we will complete a short overview of some of the most popular Star Wars board games created.

The first game we will discuss is The Queen’s Gambit. This is a very complex game to engage in. It is based off of the ending of the Phantom Menace which has four totally different battles occurring at one time. This game has over 150+ small plastic miniatures and separate playing boards. It best suits 2 to 4 players at a time.

The next Star Wars inspired game to make the list is Clash of the Lightsabers. This is a card based game and it recreates the battle between Qui-Gon Jinn and Darth Maul from the Phantom Menace. The winner is determined by who wins at least 2 of the 3 battles played each sequence. This game requires minimal strategy to win. This is a 2 player game.

Star Wars inspired game number three is Epic Duels. This game was designed to recreate battles from Star Wars universe. It was manufactured in conjunction with Attack of the clones. In this game every character has his own deck of cards, and the battle is the players to win. This game can be played with 2 to 6 players.

If you are a fan of Stratego and Star Wars then you will like this game titled Star Wars Stratego. It combines basic Stratego game pieces with special powers. On one side the pieces represent the Dark Side and on the other side they work with the Force for good. Characters are used from Star Wars Episodes 1, 2 4, 5, 6. This is a two player game.

The last Star Wars game I would like to mention is Jedi Unleashed. In this game each player has a team of Jedi and they work to win battles by slaying their enemies. The players have a chance at advancement with the roll of a dice. This game is not strategically challenging, but can be fun for younger fans. This game is best suited for 2 to 5 players.

Why not get together with another Star Wars fan watch your favorite episode on DVD, and play the corresponding game for a evening of fun May the Force be with you.


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